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""It is estimated that nearly 30,000 websites are infected with some type of malware every single day. Many people tend to think that only large companies are targeted by hackers, but that is not the case. Most of the people that are affected by hackers are small businesses & home users & you do not want to be one of them! Personal blogs, company webites,  personal websites,  & personal computers are just a few examples of the things hackers can target. Wherever they see an easy target, they will do anything to capitalize on it by spreading malicious software or stealing information.""

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"Nanaimo PC Repairs & Web Design" Specializes in Virus, Trojan, Rootkit, Ransomware, Worm, Fake Anti -Viruses, etc., removal & clean-up.
When an infection occurs, it will usually change your computer settings sometimes disabling common features that are needed to remove it & to operate normally & to lower security to perpetuate the infections longevity. Even after the virus is removed, the settings remain disabled or security remains lowered.

Nanaimo PC Repairs & Web Design, Best Computer Repair Company Nanaimo, Affordable Computer Repairs Nanaimo. Nanaimo PC Repairs use's the latest Multi-Scanners with the most current DAT information to Detect, Clean & Repair any Computer Virus. 
Nanaimo PC Repairs & Web Design, Nanaimo PC Repairs, Web Design Nanaimo, Virus Removal Nanaimo. Nanaimo PC Repairs Detect & Remove Rootkits that Hide Viruses From Commom Anti-Viruses.
Infected Commputer, Spyware Removal Nanaimo, PC Repairs Nanaimo, Virus Removal Nanaimo. After an infection, Nanaimo PC Repairs removes & cleans any leftover traces of the infection(s).
Slow Computer Repair Nanaimo, Computer Repair Services in Nanaimo BC, Best PC Company Nanaimo. Nanaimo PC Repairs enables locked operating systems & Repairs registry damage created by an infection(s).
Laptop Repairs Nanaimo, PC Repairs Nanaimo, Tablet Repairs Nanaimo, Nanaimo PC Repairs. Nanaimo PC Repairs leaves your data intact saving you from re-starting from scratch.

Virus Facts

Factory Reset Nanaimo, Computer Formatting Nanaimo, Hard Drive Back Up Nanaimo, Hardware Upgrades Nanaimo. 100 - 150 million - Estimated number of PCs on the Internet that are under the control of hackers.
Windows 10 Repairs Nanaimo, Windows 8 Repairs Nanaimo, Windows 7 Repairs Nanaimo, Nanaimo PC Repairs. 63% - Percentage of people that accept End User License Agreements without reading the text.
RAM Installations Nanaimo, Harddrive Installations Nanaimo, Anti-Virus Installations Nanaimo. 2,286 - Number of people who say that they have been a victim of a phishing attack. With a total of 4,966 people having been scammed by a phisher.
15-60 minutes - Estimated time frame for how often Trojans update & change in order to avoid detection.